about us

who we are

We are neighbours who don’t define our neighbourhood by physical boundaries. 

Sawubona ZA is a non-profit company that exists for the purpose of righting the social injustice left by the legacy of colonialism. 

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our story

Our story goes back many years. It involves the rediscovery of friendships separated by time and continents. Our story begins with relationships.

What is seen, cannot be unseen. Places like Opondweni continue to exist because we choose to look the other way. We choose to make Opondweni visible. What do you choose?

meet our team

Nonhlanhla Isaacs Sawubona ZA
Nonhlanhla Isaacs


Noni grew up in Opondweni. She is a systems and marketing enthusiast and is passionate about issues pertaining to women and children. She loves to see others reach their full potential!

Nompumelelo Ntimane Sawubona ZA
Nompumelelo Ntimani


Mpume is a passionate individual who brings her experience, and professional training mixed with her own individual style to the table. She is an accountant by profession, but became a chef in 2020 and runs a successful business. She is an exhorter and passionate about bringing women together.

Noloyiso Lange Sawubona ZA
Noloyiso Lange


Noloyiso is a high school English teacher and content creator with a love for people, community and building relationships- an alleged stickler for time and detail.

DeAmon Harges Sawubona ZA
DeAmon Harges


DeAmon is The Roving Listener. He is passionate about his community and sees wealth where most only see poverty. DeAmon spends his time discovering and nurturing the bankable gifts in the community. He believes firmly in putting the money directly into the hands of the people. DeAmon does not assimilate to western culture but rather embraces the wisdom of his African heritage.

Kurt Isaacs Sawubona ZA
Kurt Isaacs


Kurt is a life coach, counsellor & guide. He is a neighbour to all who face injustice and supports the voiceless to find their voice. A proud local and global citizen, Kurt sees connection everywhere! Passionate about men’s work and creating spaces where men can be vulnerable and be held accountable. Also, a self-confessed tidsoptimist, who would rather you focus on the optimist bit.

Contribute Sawubona ZA

There are many ways to be involved. You could offer your time, your experience, your things, and your money. Leave a legacy. You could impact a life, a community, and the very fabric of a country. And we welcome your contribution and your input. We value relationship. We value you.