Our areas of focus

“Traveler, the road is made by walking.” – Antonio Machado

In 2020 we had no idea where the road was leading, only that it was a path we needed to follow. We understand that we are only fellow travellers and our work is guided by the community, our neighbours.

School programs

We offer life coaching, supporting students to find their voice and training staff to facilitate that process. We also offer extra tuition in Maths, Science, Life Science and English. Both programs involve multiple agencies.


We work to provide multiple strategically placed, water points throughout the community. Water allows for growth in industry and farming. It is also necesary for effective sewage disposal.

Conversations with Men | Sawubona ZA
Training & develoment

We offer training across multiple areas, including business and skills development. We are also licenced Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) .practitioners and trainer - empowering non-profits

Tourism | Sawubona ZA

Sawubona - we see you. Tourism allows Opondweni to be seen. It also brings revenue to the village and puts the money into the hands of the people.

Our true north

Our objectives are simple – to put money into the hands of the people and to improve the physical infrastructure (roads, water, sanitation, access to clinics…) And making Opondweni visible whilst inviting our neighbours to become involved is how we plan to do it. 

The why: