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Who we are

We are a social justice agency, who aims to address the inequalities in our society through the alleviation of poverty and service delivery.

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Our story

We have relationships and gifts that we simply wanted to celebrate and share, and that desire has taken on a life of its own.

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Our team

We are a team of passionate individuals - diverse, yet united by the desire not to look away when we encounter injustice.

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Opondweni is a place of contrasts; breathtaking  beauty and immense bounty, yet plagued with poverty and hunger.

our work

We work to alleviate poverty and hunger and to build and improve the physical infrastructure in the community. 

Our motivation is simple: we want to reverse the damage inflicted by 400+yrs of colonisation.

Our methods are straightforward – we make Opondweni visible and we invite our neighbours to invest.

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